An Original Work Zine

A free, digital zine that showcases the original work of 100 mostly unknown artists from all over the world.


A PDF will be available for download for free on November 11, 2019 at 12pm EST.

Download or view the full zine below!

Undiscovered Gems Download

The donation link expired since this version of the zine was created so please go to Information if you would like to support us!


This is a free, digital zine that showcases the original work of mostly unknown artists. It will have a variety of media from many talented artists all over the world. Our goal is to show off this undiscovered talent.

The art in this zine is completely original, meaning that each piece is the intellectual property of the contributor. There are all types of art in this zine; traditional, digital, writing, photography, and more! These are brand new, completely unseen works of art that our talented artists have made just for this zine!

This zine is not for profit. A PDF will be available for download on November 11, 2019 of the complete zine.

Donations are appreciated but not necessary. You can donate here.

All donations will go to the staff in an equal split (the creator has declined to accept donations). If we get more than $150, everything after $100 will be split among staff and artists!



  • A Porter Rotfaced

  • Aaron J Matney Mystic Maps / Taldoz Cartography

  • Alice SeilieWitch

  • Aisling McGee

  • Alessa AlessandraDC

  • Anna K.

  • Ashlee airafleeza

  • Aven Wildsmith

  • Bambee/Priscilla Bambeestudio

  • Berry/Strawberry Requiem Art

  • Bookworm

  • Brandon (Wade) Gould Artist_bearded

  • Brann Fizzard RavenLunatic

  • Brooke Ellen Art

  • Candidry

  • Carmen Schwierking Caramel Comics

  • Carolinni Art

  • Cas

  • Charlie

  • Cirno Avery

  • Coffee Coffee's Writing Spot

  • Dara dinxie

  • DJ Space_Ace

  • ele_drawing LIO

  • Elio Abdullah

  • Emily AgentCricket

  • Emma Harvey

  • Echo EmptyEcho

  • Eve Scoundralcook

  • Farid Nad farideacs

  • Gabby

  • MissEljebel

  • Misty Rose M_Rose_Media

  • Molly mollyec

  • Nayru NaaryART

  • Neptune navochao

  • nini

  • Greer van Heusden

  • Griffin StitchedLynx

  • Grovestep

  • Haree hareefaree

  • Isabel H explodingcrayon

  • Isolde miiandering

  • Issa Herrera N/A

  • Jay Snardart

  • Joëlle ELAHstrations

  • Kai

  • Kara pishpillet

  • Kat Witchy Soda

  • Kat Sohma

  • Kelly Latham

  • Kiri Kiri Draws

  • Lee xmoreth

  • Lettie

  • Lovely LovelyLove

  • LucaRoseArts N/A


  • Lussielle Elussidate

  • Lyseo

  • Marley MothBard

  • Marlin Müller Enatis

  • Matt Pri

  • Mary-Lynn

  • Mec

  • Micah geekyowlet

  • Michelle Lam


  • NovaZap

  • Petrichroma Studios

  • Peyton Cherriite

  • Ponet' PonetteDeFeu

  • Putra Dureean

  • Raven Ravenhiei

  • Rox

  • Sam Moon vampsprite

  • SanoStar

  • Sarah K Turner

  • Sean Boyle

  • Shasta Shastasaffor

  • Sie CAL1C0

  • sinna sinnaexisted

  • Skai skai2blue4u

  • Sloth Sherylin

  • Smitukey

  • Snap

  • StashArtworks

  • Stella stelladnls

  • Taylor Hunt Scarlethope

  • Teki Hzdeshev

  • Travis Moon

  • Tucker Wooley

  • Vendy Jurikova Eliera

  • Whiskeyjack

  • Xana Moungondo

  • Yin Lu 银露

  • Yu Puffin

  • Zodiac River

  • zynga zyngacat

artist rules

The official title of the zine is Undiscovered Gems, An Original Work Zine. You may shorten it to Undiscovered Gems. If you wish to include an icon as part of showing that you were in the zine you may use the following image. It can be included when selling as a part of telling people that it was part of the zine (such as on a piece of paper denoting the piece was in the zine, adding an image to click on to lead to the zine, etc).

Regarding Distribution

These are the rules regarding what you can do with your piece following the public release on November 11, 2019 at 12pm EST.

You May

  • You may state that you were in this zine on any social media, bio, resume, etc. (Congrats, you are all now Published Artists/Authors!)

  • You may post your piece anywhere as long as you state that it was a part of the zine.

  • You may sell prints of your art as long as you state that it was part of the zine, linking the zine in any online stores or having a paper/card about the zine (unless you want to explain yourself) when selling physically.

  • You may post the remainder of your story if you submitted a sample of writing.

  • You may share your entire page! Feel free to crop out your page and post.

You May Not

  • You may not revoke permission to be associated with this zine and Undiscovered Gems retains the right to distribute your submitted piece within the contents of the zine.

  • You may not post your piece without association with the zine.

  • You may not post works other than your own from the zine. (Please just share the zine entirely)

  • You may not edit or reupload the zine. All links must lead to our posts to download.

Including a download link where possible is preferable but not mandatory. Please link to the download page of this Carrd.

Although the zine retains the right to distribute your submitted piece, the contributor retains the intellectual property. Basically, it’s still your work, we can just say your piece was in the zine when talking about the zine and sharing it.


Our wonderful staff who worked very hard to deliver a beautiful zine for everyone!


Creator, Editor in Chief


Social Media Manager

  • Third culture kid with a bi-dialectal accent. I am an aspiring law-person and historian, currently working at a gay bar and drinking too many vodka redbulls. I do arts of all sorts.

  • Twitter: @ohIettie, Instagram: @rhijayne

the chunk

Social Media ad design

  • i'm the chunk

  • Twitter: @im_the_chunk


Lead Graphic Designer, Typesetter

  • Local graphic designer and huge font nerd. Passionate about grids, illustration, and patterns.

  • Twitter: @mollyec_art, [email protected]


Graphic Designer, Editor



  • Hey my names Gabby, and im super excited to be apart of this zine! I don't often share my writing so this is a good, new step for me!

  • Tumblr: fandoms-will-collide


Discord Moderator

  • A childless mother on her third cup of coffee, doing her best.

  • Instagram: postmodernnightingale, Tumblr: paper-bag-wizard